a common value

With dedication, passion and commitment, the Mattiussi family aims to highlight the culinary peculiarities of the Friuli territory and hospitality. The desire to enhance the territorial culture of the area is also found in the work carried out by UNESCO.

Hotel Ristorante Patriarchi

The adventure of the Mattiussi family began in Aquileia in 1965 and has been handed down for four generations. Today the activity includes four locations: the Hotel Ristorante Patriarchi, the Locanda Aquila Nera, the Bar Cjapitul and the Restaurant Trattoria Hotel Ai Cjastinars. Through their cuisine, they aim to highlight the peculiarities of the territory, ranging from grilled meat to pizza up to fish. The family’s philosophy embraces the idea that true innovation is tradition.

Via Giulia Augusta, 12, 33051 Aquileia UD