a common value

Experimentation and talent are the basis of Birrificio Artigianale Foglie D’Erba’s work: through the reinterpretation of traditional styles, each beer tells of the territory and gives it value. The same creative talent is found in the sites and works that today make up the country’s World Heritage.

Birrificio Foglie D’Erba

The craft brewery was founded in 2008 in Forni di Sopra, not far from the Friuli Dolomites. The master brewer is Gino Perissutti, born in Forni, passionate and respectful of this land, which he tries to share and enhance through his beers. He has always been inclined to experiment, revisiting traditional styles that he interprets with personality and elegance. Every beer is unique and fruit of creativity, technique and ingredients of the territory. Today, the beers are sold both nationally and internationally.

Via Nazionale, 14, 33024 Forni di Sopra UD