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The milling art of the past has been preserved and handed down by the Milocco family, where tradition is also combined with innovation: some of the types of flour produced derive from the rediscovery of ancient maize varieties. A wide variety which is also found in the sites and works part of the UNESCO heritage.

Agraria Molino Milocco

The Milocco family, millers for three generations in San Lorenzo di Fiumicello (Udine), keeps alive the milling art of the past in one of the last artisan mills still in business in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The intent is to preserve and pass on the traditional flavours of the past. Adding to the production of various types of flour (for polenta, bread, pasta and desserts), also those obtained from ancient rediscovered mais species, the company has also specialized in animal feed, seeds, plants and gift items.

Via S. Lorenzo, 54, 33059 Villa Vicentina UD